Happy Birthday to Me

Yes that is right...I turned 34! Yikes...seriously I used to think 34 was OLD. Now I am just 6 years away from being 40. WOW!

I spent the weekend of my birthday in Beaverton, OR with my 97 yr old great grandmother. My mom and I took a trip down to visit her and help pack up her apartment. She fell a few weeks ago and broke her hip and we found out she has severe dementia. It was all very sad, but getting to see the smile on her face when she saw us was priceless.

She is such a sweet person with a big heart!

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Jodi said...

Happy Birthday!! I turned 34 this year, too and it isn't so bad. It's a LONG ways from 40, girl! There is a lot of living in those 6 years! Hope you had a great day :)

PS...The pics with your Grandma are so sweet!

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