Whose in the Cookie Jar?

Little Miss Natalie that is Who!

Natalie loves the snowman cookie jar - I think she was a little bummed there was nothing inside. She loved taking his head off and then looking inside. I think I have her trained as when I pull out the camera she says "cheeeeeeessssseeee".

I can hardly believe she is 19 months old now and asserting her independence. PLEASE God let her get it out when she is young. She is feisty and can throw a good tantrum when she does not get her way.

Her favorite words are "Tank too", "MOOre", "I see you", "Dare you are", "Grrrr", "I wuv woo", "one, two, tree". I love to watch her. She also loves to tattle tale on her brothers. She will come marching in to where I am at and say something I can not understand and point at her brothers. It is pretty funny!

She makes me laugh A LOT.

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