This brings us to Mid June...

Then the following weekend we went to Yakima on the 14th for my cousin's wedding. It was a whirlwind trip. We arrived Thursday afternoon and left Sunday morning. Thursday night Natalie decided she should be up most of the night. She was not happy and I think it was because I feed her pork chops and we do not normally eat that. She was really mad and the only ones that got to sleep that night were Liam and Reilly we even woke Papka Goobs up. No sleep for the weary...

The next day we got a chance to go to our nephew Gran't 6th birthday party. It was supposed to be a pool party can you beleive we brought the rain with us to Yakima. Plan B was put into motion and we at lunch at Grannie Ruth's with all Grant's friends. Can I say bologna sandwhiches are the bomb! Then we headed off to the arcade by my moms house. We had mud pie - yummy thanks to my SIL friend Shannon whose son Jaden was having a double party with Grant. What fun we had with 13 little rugrats. I of course was playing freeze tag, red-rover red rover, and other games with the kids while the moms watch - ha! You know me the crazy one. My SIL friends always ask her to invite me to entertain the kids (j/k). It was fun and Liam and Reilly loved hanging with all the kids.

After the party we headed back to Mema's for naps. Then up for dinner and rehearsal. Jason arrived that night and we went out to Morgan's SIL to the rehearsal dinner. It was fun and we watched a movie Morgan made for Tony. Then home to sleep!

Saturday started early. I went to the Cascade Gardens to help set up the wedding and then mom took care of the kids. We were back by 11:30 to feed everyone, nap and get ready for pictures. The wedding was at 5:30pm. It went well and Morgan and Tony looked great. The kids did awesome. I took my camera but was running around so much I never snapped a single photo at the wedding. I will get some of the ones Morgan's friend from school took. My kids were stinking cute!

After the wedding we headed home to Mema's around 9:30pm and we all crashed. We were up and out of the house by 8:30am to head home to hear Jason sing at church. We got there around 10:45am. By the time we got home everyone was hungry and tired. Reilly, Natalie and I napped for about 3 hrs while Jason and Liam watched the US Open golf tournament. Then Jason napped. We enjoyed a yummy dinner at Mam's dinner house here in BD and a movie rental.

There you have it we are all caught up.

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