June...where has it gone?

In early June Natalie and I went to my cousin Morgan's bachelorette party at my Aunt Angie's house in Government Camp, OR. The boys got to stay home with dad and Nana. We missed out on the Maple Valley Days, but I guess it rained a lot that weekend here.

It was rainy and wet in Government Camp too, but we still had fun. We hiked a 2mi hike around Trillium (not sure if that is how you spell it) lake and my Aunt Angie and mom got lost - now that was not funny but the story of how they got lost is...It all started with a ring of a cell phone which was my cousin Ryan calling my Aunt. So us girls kept hiking figuring that they would catch up. We walked around and then sat by the cars talking. Finally, when the conversation turned quiet and we realized no Angie and Liz were in sight we decided to go look for them. After a few of us ran around the lake to find them and some of us drove around they finally surfaced. Come to find out Angie got them lost. You may ask how someone who runs that trail and lives up there would get lost and that is a good question. All we can say it that we think altitude had something to do with her disorientation. The story goes that they were walking and Angie decided that it did not look right so they walked in a different direction and after a while they got lost. Mom started setting out things so they could keep track of where they were. Mom had to go potty so bad by the time she went well us women know what happened. When we found them they were cold, tired, disorientated and hungry oh and laughing hysterically. It was not long that they were lost, but long enough.

The rest of the weekend went off without a hitch. We played games, watched Morgan open gifts and dressed up in our tacky prom dresses. It was a lot of fun!

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