Supernanny has nothing on me...

Okay so Jo never made it to our house. I guess we just were not "bad" enough for her or something. I decided to take it upon myself to roll out the reward charts and get this house under control (well with A LOT OF HELP FROM GOD, less control and more peace!)

Anyway, we put up our Supernanny Reward Charts (from her own website) and off we went. It only took Reilly a week to fill his up. Liam is half way there and loving all this reward stuff. Natalie has been up and down the chart twice so far but has never actually made it to "10". She is working hard though and I have seen so much improvement from her despite her 3yr old tantrums.

The best part is Reilly now gets to do something fun and he asked he basically told Liam he would do whatever Liam wanted to do. LOL!

Liam is almost to Book 18 on his reading chart which is HUGE and he is so excited because it is the halfway marker. I started high with him and told him he could get a DS game. It takes major motivation to move this kid and guess what in one week he has read most of these. Crazy!

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