A Beautiful Butterfly

Today at Stroller Strides Liam, Reilly and Zane found a few caterpillars. While teaching class I was happy they were entertaining themselves and loving finding new things. After class I realized that Liam had used my Stroller Strides water bottle as his new caterpillars home.

Oh well boys will be boys, right. Little did I know that Caterpillar would go into hibernation in there. I went upstairs tonight, saw my water bottle, grabbed it and heard "it is going to be a beautiful butterfly, yeah! yeah!". I laughed and thought how am I going to explain to him there will be no butterfly. Then I looked inside the water bottle and low and behold a cocoon.

I immediately did what every parent would do and I googled "raising caterpillars" and found out we have a Wolly Bear Tiger Moth Caterpillar in our hands. It will hibernate now until Spring when we will need to relocate it to a new house and watch it turn into a butterfly.

Are you kidding me. I have to try and explain to the boys that the Caterpillar will not be a butterfly until March or April. Then I have to make sure I do not throw it out, kill it or loose it in the mean time. Yikes!

I love the excitement in their eyes and for my boys ~ we are now happy owners of one caterpillar.

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