What we have been up too...

Natalie is potty trained. Yahoo! It is so great and she has literally done it on her own. It is like the light clicked and she was ready.

Liam is getting ready for Kindergarten.

I am sad that the weather already feels like Fall.

Jason is working as usual to support us and pay all the bills. He might be going Dove hunting this next week and not sure on early season this year.

Reilly is learning to write his name and loving that he is like his big brother. Although, Liam always makes sure to mention HE knows more. :O)

I have been excersing FINALLY 4 days per week pretty consistently. Now if I could just stop eating so dang much. I start a supplement program next week in hopes to getting slim before our friends wedding in October.

Summer is ending fast. We have one last trip to Hood Canal with some friends over Labor Day weekend. The years are flying by...I can hardly beleive that summer is almost over. Ugh!

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