A Political Mission

Mom, daughter, sister-in-law, friend, wife, grand daughter and now Political Activist. I have taken on the mission (because I need more to do) to advocate for our neighborhood against the rezoning of our property from R9600 (4 parcel per acre) to Urban (1 parcel per acre) as part of the City of Black Diamonds updates to the Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations mandated by the Growth Management Act by the State of Washington. That was a mouth full!

I have petitioned our neighbors and presenting this to the Planning Commission. Now the Planning Commission has moved forward to the City Council with the CP and DR. So I have sent e-mails to all City Council members and a copy of the petition and letter. The GMA of Washington does NOT require a city to have Urban Reserve in its CP and DR. The City of Black Diamond is just choosing to have it.

What it means for us as property owners is unclear. So far it takes away our rights to build on our property, subdivide, or use our land for anything we want. It will probably raise our property taxes and lower the market value of our homes.

Urban Reserve is a designated area that a city by definition zones for future use, but may not be limited to. This to me sounds like the city is planning on limiting us on our use so that they can use it for something. What that is no one will explain.

It is interesting to say the least that three months after we have been dealing with King County about the land use to test and possibly use our property to upgrade the sewage conveyance system (putting a pump house, a odor eliminator and a utilities access road on our property) that the city is now deeming our properties as Urban Reserve. The same property owners that are in the works with King County and the same property owners who are fighting King County.

Something fishy is going on...and well I am getting to the bottom of it.

That is my cause.

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