Quality Time

(FYI...we do feed Liam, love the ribs hanging out) :O)

I have been doing a bit of reading recently on how to nurture my relationship with each of the kids. It is about children's love languages. Liam was pretty easy to figure out, quality time. He loves it when I take time out to spend with just him. As you know with three that is not always easy, but I try.

This particular day I decided to take some time and show Liam how to play "hang man", a simply but fun game. I remember getting to play this as a kid and loving it. Little did I know this was the highlight of his day. I was smiling inside when I heard him tell his daddy all about it before bed with so much enthusiasm and excitement. Who would of thought 10 minutes playing hang man would be so fun and such a lasting memory.

I know one day I will look back and wish that he would sit and play hang man with me like the good ole days.

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