Maddie Turns 5!

WOW! The years are just screaming by. Our niece Madeline (Maddie) celebrated her 5Th birthday yesterday. It was so much fun and a birthday I think she will remember.

We drove to the Yak to hang out and swim and just celebrate little Maddie. She made out like a bandit with the presents. Even Uncle Jason liked the pink guitar (LOL). We did a lot of swimming (loved it) and ate a lot of food (loved it). My two favorite things!

Maddie got a little "Groovy Girl" scooter and it was so fun to watch her ride around and all the kids follow her "can we have a turn...please". One girl even used guilt "am I your best friend?" to try and get Maddie to let her have a turn. It was cute! Eventually Maddie did let everyone who was under the 50lb weight limit have a turn.

It was a busy day and it went by way to fast. It was fun to see our youngest niece Maggie (4 months old). One day maybe we will be in the Yak!

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