Oregon Trip

Each year we take a trip to Medford, Or and visit family along the way. This year we went in June instead of September. We drove straight through as all the family was going to be in Medford for my cousins graduation. It was a long 9 hrs down, but the kids were fantastic. Despite car troubles we made it and had a great week with family. I love sharing the love of my extended family with the kids. We are truly blessed! Here is just some of the fun we had. Oh and the weather was sunny and warm most day. So sad to come home to rain...ugh!

McDonald's...our first stop on the way down!

This is what us girls do when we are together. We read "smut" mags and hang out. Natalie seems to be catching on quickly!

This is the hot tub I grew up swimming in. The boys had a blast in it!

BMX'r Liam on the dirt track. He has some nasty scars on his knees from the accident he had on the track. We call them War wounds!

This is my animal lover Natalie. She loved Wiggies Grammie Greats doggie.

Our Cousban (Cousin's husband) Tony...Natalie LOVES her Tony.

Reilly Roo at the Science Works in Ashland, OR

The kids and I and Grandma Great.

The Graduate & Aunt Jannie

The Cousins

People wonder where I get all that goofiness from...hmmmm?

Reilly was so excited he got to drive all by himself this year.

Natalie and mommie playing games and getting "tickies"

My crazy aunts Jannie & Angie at Cosmo Bowl

Mema & Liam at Matt's graduation party

Natalie having "birthday cake"...she sang to Matt it was hilarious.

Till next year!

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