Potty Training

Natalie has started to take off her diaper all the time poopie or not. I am not really ready to potty train her, but she has left me no choice. So I asked myself what would motivate her. Hmmm....FOOD! Yes that has been the trick. A big jar of "chociemilk" (a.k.a. M&Ms). She has been doing a pretty good job. We pooped in the panties today, but we have been peeing the potty with 1 accident.

I took these pictures of her brothers encouraging her to go. It is a family affair!


Maple Valley Moments said...

She is such a hoot! It's funny what a girl will do for chocolate. Just think...a potty trained 2 year old girl! Wouldn't that be so refreshing after 2 boys?

Jodi said...

Go Natalie Go!
I love the way the boys are sitting with her and cheering her on! Nothing like an audience while you are on the pot ;)

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