Goodbye to the old Bay Leaf tree

Today marks a sad day in the Cavanaugh household.

Our old Bay Leaf tree is being cut down. In a circumstances of strange events it fell on our house Wednesday night during the snow storm. So we are all safe and sound, but the tree has to go. I guess it had rotted from the roots and the weight of the 6 in of snow just made it fall down.

Now I look out my window with an open space. It is like being naked in a room full of people. We will have to replant something there I guess. It smells like fresh bay leafs right now.

To mark an even stranger week. We got a letter from King County that they are planning on building a Waste Water Management Facility on or near our property. We have to attend a meeting to see what this means. They are planning on completing Phase One by 2010.

Then we had a water pipe burst in our front yard and it took Jason all day yesterday to fix. Thankful we are blessed with great friends who came to help us out.

So today is Friday and I sit here amazed and God's grace and glory.

Did I mention that Wednesday (before the snow storm and tree falling) we got a card from someone from church that said "God if Faithful & Wonderful" with $200 in grocery gift cards in it.

Oh and I ran over a bird yesterday. It flew at my tire..

Then our 11 year anniversary is tomorrow.

Hmmmmm...this has been the strangest week ever.

Wonder what next week will bring.

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Jodi said...

Oh my! I can NOT believe how much snow you guys have! AND it is March...almost April! Crazy! Sorry to hear about the tree but soooo glad no one was hurt during its falling.
Love you guys :)

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