A Tribute to a Great Man!

On Tuesday, February 12 Jason's grandpa Ray passed away. We know that he is in heaven right now smiling down upon us.

Liam was so cute praying last night. He said "thank you for Grandpa Ray dying on the cross for our sins". and Reilly would like to know when he will be coming back from heaven. I am so blessed our children got to know this beautiful person. We will deeply miss him and we can not wait till we meet again.

The service will be Monday the 18th. Please say a prayer for the family as we travel to be together. Pray for grandma Betty as she grieves such a great lose. Pray for strength and for fond memories to fill her heart & mind.

This is a letter Titled "Without Even Saying A Word" that was written by Jason's younger brother Eric on 2/10/08.


Without even saying a word, instead, by working and providing for your family you taught us work ethic.

By being real and true with us you taught us honesty.

By living a life of health through diligence you taught us discipline.

By never uttering a single complaint you taught us resilience.

By loving and cherishing your wife you taught us passion.

By never compromising your morals you taught us integrity.

Grandpa, you've taught us so many values to live by, and you did it without even saying a word.

Copy of Eric's letter written 2/10/08.

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Jodi said...

That is a beautiful poem! He will be missed.

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