They say its your birthday...

Yes, 5 years ago today I was snuggling a little bundle of joy and kissing him and taking in this amazing thing called life. Ah yes besides the beauty of our new little bundle of joy I remember that I was freaking out about my room being filled with family, I was exhausted and Liam was being taken to be too "you know" and I could not go. I was a wreck! The nurse kicked everyone out and I did not want to go home. I mean seriously how would I take care of this baby all on our own. My how things have changed.

Year one we learned so much about Liam. He is very particular, so was mommy with her "lists". He liked things a certain way. I remember trying to lay him down at night (pregnant with Reilly) and having to stand on a stool to lay him in his crib as not to wake him. Any slight move and he would wake and I would have to start all over again. I remember being thrown up on after Liam sucked down a 10oz bottle and I began crying hysterically and calling out Jason's name. I remember the binki and how much Liam loved trains from his first set at 18 months. Oh I remember daycare in year one and chicken pox, roseola, the flu, and every cold you could imagine. We had a Blues Clues party that year!

Year two we learned that you were a linear thinker and had a certain way to do things. You loved your MEMA and boy oh boy we had to work on getting you not to scream when she left after the weekend. I remember watching you play with Reilly and running around. Liam could tell you all the names of Thomas and his friends. He loved "around the bend" and "couple up" his trains. He loved Boobahs, Teletubbies, Wiggles and Blues Clues. We had a Wiggles birthday party!

Year three...what a blur! We moved to our house in Black Diamond. Natalie was born. You were a bear to deal with. Whoever created "terrible twos" had not yet arrived at the "tazmanium threes". This was a trying year for us all with a new addition to the family. While still so sweet natured and loving Liam really started to seek independence and to test boundaries. He loved preschool and Mrs. Pitts. He loved camping, fishing, and anything to do with the out doors. Liam started to write his name, say ABC's and count. By three he was already writing my names, dad's name and working on Reilly and Natalie's name. Determined to get it right! We had a Thomas party this year.

Year four. Yes this was a fantastic year. Finally, Liam started to understand things better and communicated at a level we could all work with. Liam made friends, good friends. Liam is a lover. He is sensitive, yet reserved. He is loud, yet likes things quiet. He loves football & soccer. He loves his best friend Reilly and his dad. He loves his family. He loves camping and his cousins. Yes, this is his new passion. Oh and the Wii...he is way into the Wii. We had a Gordon (friend of Thomas the Tank Engine) party this year.

FIVE...we have arrived. Now what do cool kids do when they turn five. They have a party. NO GIRLS allowed. This is what I was told, but I already had invited our small group - so he let it slide.

Look closley and see how he is leaning on the table (this is a mini-Jason).

We will celebrate tonight as a family with cousin Nathan and his aunt & uncle. He will get to eat his BMX bike cake and have his requested meal of hot dogs, applesauce, and baked beans. Yum! He gets to play the Wii as long as he wants today because "its my birthday".

Happy 5th Birthday Liam!

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