Friday...what happen to TGIF?

As a mother I have come to realize there no longer is a TGIF moment. Yes, the weekend is nice. I am a little more relaxed with bed time and naps. I may find time to read. I love weekends because we attend church. BUT weekends are just the same as any other day. A big pile of laundry, mouths to feed, dishes to clean up, beds to be made and toilets to cleaned for the 300th time this week. Gone are the days of sleeping in, savoring a cup of coffee and a good book.

Would I trade this job? Some days, yes. Most days, no. I love being a mom. I love having the freedom to work in my jammies. I love it when my kids say things like "we love this mommie", "great breakfast", "mom, why do you read your bible", "mom, why do you watch TV when you fold laundry?". These are the questions I ponder.

Say it ain't so...


Jodi said...

Amen, sista! I agree absolutely and completely! This IS the best job in the world but I definitely miss relaxing weekends.

Jodi said...

PS...cute pic of the kids. Bath time is my FAVORITE!!!!

Jodi said...

Ok...I keep thinking of new things to say. Sorry! This will be the last thing...LOVE the new layout! Look good :)

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