Remember When

Remember when you first found out your were pregnant.
Remember when you started worrying about having the baby...oh my Gosh how will it ever come out!
Remember when you dreaded the last 4 weeks and begged your doctor to get it out.
Remember when you set eyes on your firstborn for the first time...amazing.
Remember when you thought you could never love another baby the way you loved your first baby...I cried so much.
Remember when you set eyes on your second born and fell in love all over again.
Remember when your babies would "cooo" at you and the joy of nursing.
Remember when there baby heads smelled so good after a bath.
Remember when you went to bed and never worried about getting woke up.
Remember when you had date nights, laughed, ate out, watched movies, and worked out all the time. HA!
Remember when you set eyes on your third born and though OH MY GOSH...how will I take care of them all.
Remember when you were reminded by your kids to love God and pray.
Remember the messes, remember the clean ups, remember all the dirty laundry, remember the late nights, remember the accidents (and I don't mean food), remember the excitement in their eyes when they tell you something, remember "last day", remember marking their growth on the wall, remember the first day you dropped them off at preschool, remember car trips, remember watching them sleep, remember their hugs, kisses, gentle touches, remember tickling, laughing and their first smiles remember their faith in you, remember...just remember.

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Maple Valley Moments said...

What a great reminder, thank you for that.

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