This Weeks Top 10

10. Listening to Natalie say "I wuv you" and "Tank Too" for the first time.
9. Our new kids castle from Little Tykes we got in great condition and for FREE this will be my life saver this Winter (Yes it is in my living room).
8. 2 parties this week and great sales and lots of fun!
7. Watching my friend Jenny's son Will twice a week and having a lot of fun...he is WAY easy and has so much fun with the boys and Natalie.
6. Had a broken moment with God this week that I think will forever change the course of my walk with Him.
5. We are on the mends from a icky cold.
4. Natalie is sleeping better at night.
3. Jason is busy with work, but able to be home a lot with us and we love it!
2. My Grandpa is doing good and his gall stone and kidney stone are gone and he got the clear to go Elk Hunting. PTL!
1. Blessing we paid off 2 out of 3 credit cards and are saving money finally - and out of the red...it is a miracle!

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Jodi said...

I love a good top 10 list! I am glad you are having a good week and I am sending you lots of hugs :)

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