The ABC's of me

A is for allergies and trying to learn all about them
B is for breakfast in bed, BUNCO, and boys
C is for character it is what defines you and chickens with personalities...who would have thought?
D is for dirty dishes, dirty floors and dirty laundry....job security.
E is for ear plugs when the kids are screaming, wrestling and being loud
F is for family and feeling sexy sometimes
G is for God, good food and girlfriends
H is for Home it truley is in the Heart
I is for integrity, it means so much
J is for Jason and Jessica...12 years and counting
K is for kisses from my babies and hubby
L is for laughter, love and living
M is for Music and the mysteries of life
O is for learning all about being organic...what a lot of work.
P is for planting my garden and the peace it brings me
Q is for questions I have a million of them
R is for reality I am fully living in it
S is for Salvation I am grateful for it
T is for Tickles, tackles, and three yr old tantrums
U is for the umbrella I need to stay out of all this rain
V is for victories they come one day at a time
W is for words they are powerful
X is for xerox paper my kids love it
Y is for yelling it just comes out and then you are left cleaning up the mess
Z is for the zzzzzzzzzzzz's I get at night

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