Kindergarten Orientation

Liam had his Kindergarten orientation. His teacher is Mrs. Evans and she is kind and very funny. We got to see the classroom and just kind of warm up to the idea. Liam was off and running while I sat back and tears welled up in my eyes. I was fine until we walked into the classroom and then I almost lost it. I gained my composure and I was the only one crying (is that weird).

Liam got to sit at his desk and there were about 10 kids there today. BD Elementary offers full day Kindergarten so half the class came this morning. They will come tomorrow for a full day (10 kids) and then Liam will go on Thursday full day with the other 10 kids. Friday, is his first full day with all 20 kids.

I took him and Reilly for a little treat at the Bakery. Liam is so excited he can hardly stand it. I am sure once he realizes that it is all day every day he may resist a bit, but for now he is ready to go!

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Jodi said...

Are you taking a permanent break from homeschooling or is this just a temporary thing? It looks like Liam is thrilled! Are you doing ok? I send Ben this Monday and I have mixed emotions. Part of me loves the idea of a true schedule but the other part of me doesn't want him to go. Sniff.
Love you guys :)

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