Land of the Naked and Free

Our home has become the land of the naked little girl who freely takes off her clothes and her diaper. She does not like clothes and I can not keep them on her. Our friends son asked "why is baby Natalie always naked?" This is how it will be for our little girl even underwear bug her.

One day...oh one day she will not be so happy about her nakedness when I show her all the photos I took of her naked and eating all the time. That was the other thing someone said "I have never seen a picture where Natalie does not have food in her hands or mouth". Yes, it is true she likes food and being naked.

Natalie while challenging in her over dramatic, feisty, and down right strong willed personality is still one of the funniest little kids I know. She has such a sense of humor. I try and capture the true Natalie in photos and well pictures are worth a thousand words. Some photos I can not show even though they show Natalie at her best...just think about it (naked...poop...me crying and saying "not again")


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