"I MADE" by Natalie Cavanaugh

I was sitting in my crib one day, while all went outside to play. The sun was out and my room was hot, but this did not stop me from feeling distraught. I tried to nap, but the heat was intense and then I pooped so it all made perfect sense. I called for someone to help "MOM" and there just was no answer. So I took matters into my own hands and took off that stinky diaper. The smell was a lot, but it looked like brown finger paint, so I thought what the heck I could be here really late. I called out to "MOM" and yelled "I POOPY", but still no one noticed that I was in no mood for sleepy. So with that brown finger paint I painted my crib, the wall, and then my belly. It started to stink, but it worked really great and when I was done I had it all over the place. I was so proud I yelled "I PAINTED MY POOPY". I heard a faint cry and then they finally came. My Mema entered and I heard her exclaim "JESSICA COME HERE RIGHT NOW". I did not know what was all the fuss I was so happy that someone finally came in a rush. My mommie came running in quit a hurry and when she entered my room I could see she was in no flurry. She laughed so hard she fell on the floor. I laughed and said "I MADE" I smiled at her and yelled out her name. I got to take a bubble bath while pictures were taken of my fine art work and a memory I guess that will last a lifetime.


"Seriously, I had no idea you could not paint with poop"


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