We are still here...

Rain...rain...go away...come again another day! PLEASE!!!!

Besides trying to find as many things for us to do to stay dry and happy life has been busy as always.

Jason is working at the church and in his auto business. He has been working like crazy. He has been playing softball on Tuesday nights for a mens league and loving it. We are starting to date again which is really fun!

I am busy with the kids and my new babysitting job. I am watching Will (20 months) and Leila (2 months). They are my neighbors kids and so much fun to have around. Will and Natalie keep me busy and Leila well she is just adorable. I am all caught up in my scrapbooking so I have not been doing much of that. I am trying to get our garden started but it is hard to do with all this rain. I am pretty proud of myself for building a raised bed all by myself. Reilly can not wait for us to get the gardens started.

Liam is just finishing up Spring Soccer (more like Winter) and he really likes being on the 5/6 team this year. It is more challenging for him - especially since he is the littlest one out there. He is also learning to read. He read his first sentence "Fran can see the van". He is so proud of himself and loves growing up. He can recite movie lines just like his daddy which can be good and bad thing, if you know what I mean.

Reilly just starting T-Ball tonight and LOVES it. I think we found his nitch. He has his own bat, glove and ball. He was shy at first but then got right in there and played. This is far better then he did with soccer where he stood around sucking his shirt while the teams ran around him up and down the field. Reilly is starting to desire to learn to count, write, and is growing up so fast. He has an amazing sense of his surroundings and knowledge that amazes Jason and I. He is full of information and loves the outdoors.

Natalie is almost two and well acting like a two year old. Although, I am aware thatthe "threes" are and even harder year...two is starting off with a bang. We have a big party scheduled for her birthday with family & friends. She is into Dora the Explorer and pretty much anything her older brother is doing. She loves babies and helping mommie. She is a definite mama's girl. She loves being outside and helping with the chickens and gardening. She really is so cute and just a crack up to watch. Most days we laugh a lot at how silly she really is.

Life is happening so fast I am afraid to blink. It seems like these years are just racing by. Jason and I are trying to slow down a bit and take it all in before they are gone.

No real news with the house except that King County will make a decision in August on what plan they are going to take for phase one. This just means we are in limbo for the next 5 months waiting then there is no clear answer on if our house will be here or if they will build the sewage treatment plant. It is crazy!

We just decided while live in limbo. So we are just moving forward with the knowledge that Christ in in control. He knows the plans He has for us. All we have to do is believe and follow in faith.

Hope everyone is good. I will try and post more often.



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