We have an Elk, now what?

I found myself last night at about 9:50pm all ready to snuggle in to bed. Liam was finally asleep and I was just turning in for the night when Jason arrived (my Elk hunting hubby). I decided I would wait for him to come in and here about his trip.

WOW what was I thinking? Really I did not sign up for what was to come. As I watched Jason do all that he needed to get the Elk ready I thought to myself "Jessica you are eating your words from earlier". Yes, I am proud, but when I had to actually be involved in the process of "preparing" the Elk I think I wanted to scream. At first I was furious. Then I decided to take the high road. Jason has to get up early to work at church and he "needs" my help. Knowing that I was helping someone in "need" just made what I had to do all better (at least my mind felt better and my stomach).

I will not describe what I had to do with that Elk, nor did I take pictures for the sake of saving you from...well hurling! Just think lots of blood and red meat.

It gets better though...After we hung the Elk in the garage with care and washed all the back strap and tenderloins down with a bucket of Apple Cider Vinegar my hands were stinging from the cuts drenched in vinegar. I washed up and was ready to call it a night. Oh no...we were out of Food Saver bags for vacuum packing it all. Jason was busy finishing some other things I will not mention and gave me the old sigh "I guess you can go to bed". Pack your bags we are going on a guilt trip...I fell for it hook line and sinker. So with my yellow Ducks beanie, my nightgown, grey fleece pullover, hot pink capri sweat pants, ski socks, and my Uggs I headed off to Safeway to get my man those bags. I forgot I also had my cute black Coach purse that completed the outfit. This outfit would have so gotten me on "What Not to Wear".

Mortified I entered the store with out a peep in hopes that NO ONE I knew would be there. I was just to darn tired to change and I just wanted to go to bed and be done with it all. I snicked down the isle with all the storage stuff and can you believe it, they had no Food Saver Bags. As people walked by the isle they hesitated a bit. One guy actually walked backwards stopped, rubbed his eyes and chuckled. I knew what he was laughing at and yes I was a site!

I did not want to go home empty handed so I grabbed some more freezer bags. As I walked to the check out stand I SWEAR everyone in the store got in line behind me. Then the checker had to notice my "O" hat which again made everyone look my way. Then she wanted to talk college ball with me. Geeeez lady just let me pay for my two items and get the heck out of here!

Finally the small talk was done and I walked swiftly to my car. Home at last I sat those bags down and headed off to bed at 11:58pm. As I lay in bed trying to fall asleep I prayed my husband would see "what a great wife I am". Totally selfish, but true! I know it meant a lot to my hubby and that is what matters most.

What amazes me is that Jason passes out at the site of blood when I am giving birth, but a 700lb Elk does not even seem to phase him. Interesting?

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