Happy Easter Sunday

The Weeks Top 10

10. Two days of beautiful sunshine - a preview of summer I hope

9. Nana's annual Easter egg hunt and watching all the kids run around and have fun.

8. Spending the day with my SIL Laura and laughing and just enjoying the kids and our time together...plus our new business plan.

7. Eric, Jodi and Nathan coming down to visit and hang out - Nathan had so much fun with the boys and Jodi and I had a blast in the jumper with the kids!

6. No one is sick in our house for over a week - yahoo!

5. Easter service was great and our friends Steve & Jenni came with their son Will - which was so fun!

4. Our nephew Jack spending 3 days with us and making us laugh - seriously belly laugh - he is a riot!

3. Listening to Liam tell me about Jesus dying on the cross (he knows the entire story and just teared up listening)

2. Liam telling me that "he likes me" and me responding "good because you can not trade me in for a new one" and Reilly saying "well you can not trade us in for new kids" (in a Reilly voice of course). Belly laugh funny!

1. ALMOST being done with my cousins wedding invitations - oh and I might add they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

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